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Sustainable Education through ONGAESHI

“ONGAESHI” is a Japanese word meaning “Return a favor.”

We utilize Web3 technology to return a favor to those who support education.

Designing incentives to support education will accelerate human capital investment.

for Education Providers

for Other Education Enthusiasts

ONGAESHI Records in Japan 

Initial NFT Sales : $20,000 as of Nov. 2023


Why is ONGAESHI Your Game-Changer?

ONGAESHI is the Ultimate Platform to Amplify

Your Educational Vision and Catapult to Unprecedented Success

Unlock the potential of HUMAN CAPITAL NFT. Dominating a vast realm of NFT enthusiasts in Japan, this NFT isn’t just a trend - it's your golden ticket  to fortifying your educational initiatives. Achieve your educational aspirations with a robust foundation, not mere fundraising endeavors.


It’s More than Just Being Qualified

– it's about expanding your educational outreach!


Every student, every career you shape is not just a success story; it's an earning opportunity waiting to be tapped. The question isn't just if you can educate. It's whether you can channel that influence to attract a deluge of earnings through ONGAESHI. Your educational impact equals tangible financial rewards.

The Mechanism Unveiled

Where Education Meets Financial Empowerment

Imagine a system where each student's success not only earns recognition but also financial rewards. Be a pioneer in providing exceptional, sustainable education with ONGAESHI as your platform. Achieve milestones, expand your educational offerings, and create a growing network of educational impact. Power your mission and amplify your influence.


Details of how ONGAESHI works

Funding System

How talents do “ONGAESHI”

Why talents do “ONGAESHI”


Two-Stage Funding System

You can get funds

when sponsors buy your course NFT.


Once talents finish a course by borrowing an NFT from sponsors, you can get funds when they give back to you for your contribution. (ONGAESHI)


How talents do "ONGAESHI"

Talents need to borrow an NFT from a sponsor to participate in your course.

Once talents finish a course and get skilled, they will get a new job on the hiring market.

Talents can choose to give back ONGAESHI community of their partial first year annual salary.


Why talents do "ONGAESHI"

Talents can build their social credit score with their learning data and ONGAESHI history. 

The more they learn and the more they give back, the better NFT they can get to fund their education.

First-time Talents (Social Credit: 0 hi STAR) can borrow a basic course NFT and get $500 education funding.

Once talents finish learning, they proceed to ONGAESHI and give back to those who support their education, and their credit score goes up to 1 STAR.

Talents (Social Credit: 1 STAR) can borrow a more advanced course NFT and get $1000 education funding.

As talents accumulate the learning data and ONGAESHI history, they will gain more social credits and have a chance to get better education funding.


Our Education Partners

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for Education Providers

for Other Education Enthusiasts

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